Friday, January 16, 2009

Strong Part 3

This was just some of Tay's class that wanted to get in on the picture!

Tay loved being at Wegman's. My future Wegman's girl!

Strong Part 2

The crew together hanging out!
The parade at the museum.

You go Tay!

My future shopper and her best friend.

Tay having fun with Raina!

Tay's Fieldtrip to Strong!

They wanted to take their pic of Seasame Street! Too cute right? Look at Drew!
Girl's just wanna have fun is what I call this one!

Tay's future cooking show, "Cooking with Tay 101"

Remember this from back in the day! I loved these little songs! They sang all the way home! This class loves to be together!

They wanted to put a show on for me! Too cute!