Friday, December 26, 2008

My newest Vera!!!!

OMG! I just got this newest Vera Bradley purse for Christmas from my mom! It's the Scarlet collection and I totally love it! It's the 6th Vera that I own to date! I can't wait to go to the store tonight, I may be buying another that I really want that is being retired!!!

Christmas 2008 - At Nana and Grandpa's!

Jazz had a great Christmas this year too! He loved his bone and his toy!
Alex loved this great computer! So much fun! It's all Transformers!

Tay loved her new telescope! She was investigating things all afternoon!

They also received books, journals, tents, sleeping bags, clothes, Stuffed animal alarm clocks, transformers, barbie designer kit, and so much more! They also received money to go spend on themselves and gift cards!

Christmas 2008 - Mommy's House

Taylor was so excited about the new Tini puppini's! They are so cute! I like her too! Her name is TUTU.
They both can't wait to learn how to play the Game of Life...

Alex totally loved this little dude. He is so cute! Chewbacca!

Gotta love High School Musical! Tay was so excited about the new shirt!

Look at that face! He has wanted these gloves for a while! He was soooo excited to get them!
These were just a few of the many presents they received!!!

Christmas Concert 2008

This was Alex's first ever concert! The K's did a show for parents of all Christmas Carols! It was o much fun! All the kids had scraves and mittens and hats on! They were too cute! The first picture is of Alex's class on the first bleacher to the left. The next photo is of Alex with Mrs. Williams his teacher. The 3rd photo is of Taylor at the show. The next photo is Alex and mommy. The last photo is focusing on Alex, he was really nervous being in front of everyone and singing.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Gifts from Marlene

Thank you so much Marlene! They love their new webkinz as you can tell! They slept with them last night. Alex thought that was the coolest thing ever to get from Max and Mike and their mom! They were playing with them all last night and this morning before school! They would have taken them there if they could have! Thank you sooo much!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

North Pole Spotted at Daycare

We spotted the North Pole at daycare last night and they wanted to get their picture taken there! Too cute. Although Tay wanted to know why Rudolf was white and not brown. I explained it was a photo copy that hadn't been colored. All the same, they still loved it.

Crazy Christmas House Part 2

We were driving home from Block Buster a few nights ago and the kids spotted this house that we thought was just decorated from the front. Come to find out the entire front lawn was covered, the car port, the side yard as well as the ENTIRE back yard! It was insane. There is sooo much going on there. The kids loved looking at everything.

Crazy Christmas House

Monday, December 8, 2008

Taylor and Alexander with Santa 2008

Tayboo with Santa

Tay had the longest list ever! She told him all sorts of things that she wanted. She was very excited to see Santa. She wanted to be there more than Alex. So I gave in. lol

Alex with Santa

Once it was his turn to see Santa, he was pretty excited. He told Santa that he only wanted a E-Pet. He was too funny. They chatted for a few minutes.

Waiting in line to see the jolly man himself!

We decided to go see Santa yesturday evening. We had a lot of fun waiting to see him. They couldn't decide who was going to go first. They didn't want to go together to talk to him. It was too cute. Tay decided to go first. Alex was a little shy.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tay's in Second Grade!

There is my little Tayboo! She is so cute! She loves getting her pic done! I was so happy when I saw how adorable it turned out!
OMG! Total cuteness!

Alex's First School Pic

Isn't he just the cutest thing you have ever seen! This is his first year of school and he is having a great time!
I love the new backgrounds they had this year!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tay and Alex's Penguins - December 2008

These are going to be our 1st set of personalized ornaments! I wanted to think of something that would be cute that matched this year and I thought these would be great with their photo! They are totally adorable and they each made them their own!

Handmade X-Mas Ornaments

Aren't these the cutest ornaments ever? My friend Laura, from Junior League, and I were shopping 2 weeks ago for the league and we were in JoAnn's and they had these adorable plain ornaments on a 40% sale and I knew the kids would love to make them on their day off of school! They both did an amazing job! They are front and center on our tree! Taylor's is an Angel and Alexander's is a Raindeer!

Our first X-MAS Tree!

Our first Christmas Tree at our new place is sooo cute! It's pre-lit which I love! My mom bought it for the kids and I from Wally World! It's 6 foot high and is EVERY color you could imagine! I sit in my chair some nights and just look at it and fall in love all over! The kids had a blast hanging the ornaments and they even made some of their own for it! I can't wait to show everyone those!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vera Bradley

Although I wish this pics was of all MY purses it is not...I wish those were all mine! lol

This is an obsession of mine! I have about 6 bags right now! And I want to continue growing my collection. These are amazing bags and they are so bright and pretty! The retire them every so often and bring out new amazing designs!

I want to purchase one of the fall collection soon and then it will be on to the next season!

If you are ever looking for something fun and funky Vera is the way to go! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!

Candlebox - 11-30-08

I was able to go see Candlebox on Sunday night! The show was amazing! I was able to get in as a VIP and we stood on the second level of Water Street with like 5 other people. Best View in the house! Kevin is totally amazing and Pete is a total hottie as well! The played every song you could imagine and their set was perfect! I would totally see them again in a heartbeat! I have so many more pics from the show if anyone would like to see them!

My new home

The kids and I call Rochester our new home. We are living in a great little town outside the city and we love it because it's close to everything! It's been a little adjustment but we are finally getting settled.
We have had lots of fun since moving here at the end of August. In September we visited parks and did lots outside! In October we visted a few farm markets in the area. We went through a corn maze, took a hayride and even got to go in huge corn husk tee-pees! For November, we have put up the Christmas tree and got their rooms decorated and had fun around the apartment! December is a big month for us! We are getting ready for Christmas and we are going to: see Santa this week and get our Christmas Pics taken! Lots to do!